Ruth & Kirt Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

Love Story

“The beginning of how our story began is when a friend of mine told me to write a list of qualities I desired in a wife and to pray for her after telling them that I’d like to get married. I proceeded with writing the list of her personality qualities and physical attributes. After doing so, I began praying in faith and believing God to meet her at an upcoming Christian conference in Texas in the next three months. I prayed day and night reminding God what I desired in my wife for the during this time and believed that I had received what I had asked from Him. As the time began getting closer I would rejoice and even feel anxious with the expectation of meeting her in person. I believed with my whole heart that I would see her there and she would be how I had described her. 

When I got there I was expecting to meet her and looked for women matching the physical description on the list I had written. I saw several, but within a couple of days returning from lunch a friend motioned me over to a group she was in conversation with at the time. While I was being introduced to the group this one woman caught my eye who fit the description. I thought she was beautiful. I asked her age and where she was from. This was the only time I was able to speak to her during the conference. However, as the conference continued she would stand out like a word highlighted on a page in a crowd of people without me trying to search for her. I know now that God was highlighting her for me, but at the time it seemed to be mere coincidence. The conference finally came to an end and I saw her the night before it ended but never got to talk to her personally. When I saw her I told myself, “I am sure I will see her again.”

Three weeks pass by after the conference, and a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to talk to a woman who was a friend of a friend. I told them, “yes,” and that I’d like to be her friend and get to know her. She sent me a picture of her, and I said to myself that this was the woman that kept getting highlighted while I was at the conference. We began texting the next day and spoke on the phone a couple days afterwards. Our first conversation was 5 and a half hours long. This fulfilled one of the several things that I prayed: “When we first talk it will be as though we could not quit talking to one another.” Much time went by from that point and she told me that when she first saw me she heard what was like a still small voice telling her that she knew me. This among several things that led me to know she was the one I had prayed for those three months before going to Texas. We also learned that we had so much in common within this time. She matched basically everything I had written on the list. God is faithful and He truly knows who is the best fit for us all. If I were to give any advice then it would be for those desiring to get married is to seek God for your spouse and He will never disappoint. He is definitely the perfect Matchmaker.”